Chase Cap or Chimney Cap let us help you  solve your ventilation or water leakage


issues.  We also can help you design your own personal chimney cap size and


configuration.  If  You can dream it, we can build it.


      Enjoy the life long opulence  of a well built Cupela on top  of your  personal  air craft hanger, barn , etc.

16oz. Copper Chimney Cap .

Fab in our shop for Joel Carter Construction .

   16oz Copper Chimney Cap to the left that is installed for Joel Carter Construction in Pembroke  , Ga

  24ga. Matte Black Steel Chimney Cap for Mike Disher in Springfield, Ga.

 16oz. Copper Schroud over existing galv. fireplace vent pipe , Fabricated and Installed for John & Beth Lind in Sunbury, Ga.

16oz. Soldured  Copper Chase Cap fabricated in our shop for Anderson's Chimney Sweeps .

24ga. Soldured  Stainless Steel Chase Cap also fabricated in our shop for  Anderson's Chimney Sweeps .

16oz. Copper 3/4" standing seam Cupola fabricated in our shop for Dennis Jones Construction .

24ga.  Gavlume 3/4" standing seam  Cupola fab for  Dennis Jones Construction in Rincon , Ga.



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    Before    and    After        24 ga. Galv. Chimney Cap 


 16oz. Copper Convex 3/4" standing seam

  Barrel ChimneyCap. Fabricated and installed

  for Amcor, INC in Hilton Head Island, SC. 



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   24 ga. Stainless Steel Chase Cap,

   fabriated in our shop.