Here  at Metal Clad Industries along with our wide range  of Products, we also offer


 the ability to Shear, Bend, Roll, Weld and Soldiur all of your Sheet metal needs.




This is one of our  Concave

canopy's and a few of the

Pitch Canopy's for Statesboro

Ga Shopping Strip. They are made

from 24ga. Bronze Steel Metal.


This is a 16oz. Copper

 Chimney Cap. We also

make these in Architectural

colors and in all sizes.

The opulence and character of our hoods

or counter tops will bring much joy to any

Decor inside or outside your home or


.The restoration of some of

our priceless treasures, done by highly skilled journeyman of times gone by

makes  our efforts an honor and a privilege to restore

and sometimes reproduce these priceless treasures in our shop.